Key People

Clients may get in touch with the Vice President (Bulk Carriers), Sr. Vice President (Bulk Carriers & Tankers), Director (Bulk Carriers & Tankers) and Chairman & Managing Director in that order, with a specific complaint/problem, in case agreed service standards are not fulfilled.
The SCI would endeavor its best to mutually resolve the disputes/difficulties of clients/users of services to the benefit of both parties. If the particular complaint has not been satisfactorily attended to, there is a grievance procedure with a Senior Officer in charge of the system, and the client could take recourse to the same.
The nodal people who can process business queries, complaints, and advise a course of action to the client would be:
Capt. R. Ahluwalia
Sr. Vice President
Tel: + 91 22 22024677
Fax: + 91 22 22023723
For Commercial

Capt. Sunil Thapar
Executive Director
Tel. + 91 22 2287 2638 / 2202 4672
Fax. + 91 22 2202 2449
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