Break Bulk

Break Bulk Services
The SCI is the only Indian shipping company providing overseas Liner Break-bulk services to the Indian trade. The SCI arranges carriage of Break-bulk cargoes on a space charter basis from various regions across the globe including USA and Far East. This is offered for imports and exports in & out of India, which include shipments of Over-Dimensional Cargoes (ODC)/ Project cargoes/Heavy Lift cargoes/IMO Class I Cargoes and containers.
The SCI continues to operate its India–UK Continent Break-bulk service regularly from European ports to India jointly with Rickmers Linie, on a space sharing basis on their vessels.
Port Rotation
Antwerp – Hamburg – Genoa – Mumbai – Chennai
BAF and CAF applicable for Break-bulk shipments
Key Persons
Mr. Susil Kumar Padhi.

Deputy General Manager
Tel: +91-22-2202 7049
Fax: +91-22-2282 3316
Ms. Gauri Singh
Deputy Manager
Tel: +91-22-2277 2513
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