Offshore Services

1) The SCI has diversified into the Indian Offshore marine business and provides vital offshore marine logistics support to the Indian oil industry in its indigenous oil exploration activities.
2) SCI owns 6 Anchor Handling Tug-cum-Supply Vessels (AHTS), 2 Platform Support Vessels (PSVs) and 2 Multi Purpose Support Vessels (MPSV), which are on charter to various clients. Offshore Department also undertakes manning, management, maintenance and operations of various specialized vessels viz. Multi Support Vessels, Well Stimulation Vessel, Seismic Survey Vessel, Geotechnical Vessel, Offshore Supply Vessels, of our client M/s. ONGC.
3) The clients can expect availability of vessels for offshore logistics support with minimum agreed downtime.
4) When SCI is providing required services to the clients by way of O&M of their vessels or chartering out SCI‟s vessels to our client, the SCI expects payments of charter hire/remuneration/ advance for repairs, dry-docking, etc. well in time/within agreed time limit, enable SCI to operate the vessel to optimum utilization.
5) If the agreed service standards have not been fulfilled, Client may take up the matter with the concerned Group of Offshore Department. If the problem persists, then the client may take up the matter with General Manager (OS & TS-F).
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