The Technical & Offshore Services (T & OS) Division is both a profit centre as well as a service centre within the SCI. The Division primarily performs the function of vessel acquisition for the company and operations in the Offshore segment.
The functions of the T & OS Division can be broadly cover:
  • Technical Services - Shipbuilding & Services and Fleet Services
  • Offshore Services
The Technical Services department of the T & OS Division plans, manages and implements the 'Tonnage Acquisition Programme' of the Company, by acquiring new-building and second hand vessels. The department also provides Technical Consultancy Services to various organizations for their 'Tonnage Acquisition Programme'.
The Fleet Services Department assists the profit centers of the Company achieve optimum performance of ships. The Department surveys ship repair workshops and empanels workshops for carrying out repairs on SCI ships. The department negotiates and finalizes rates with various equipment manufacturers, for supply of spare parts to SCI vessels. The department also provides technical assistance to the profit centers and handles disposal of ships.
The SCI has been associated with the offshore oil industry for the past more than three decades. Over the years, SCI has also developed expertise in successfully executing of state-of-art sub sea jobs, and is looked upon as a technically competent offshore contractor.
The Offshore Services Department also provides vital logistic support to the Indian oil industry in its indigenous offshore oil production/exploration activities.
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