Fleet Services

The Technical – Fleet Services performs the following functions:
i) Selection/empanelment and fixation of tariff for carrying out voyage repair on SCI vessels by various workshops
ii) Rate Contracts, and
iii) Disposal of vessels
i) Selection / Empanelment of workshops: In order to carry out the above activities two committees are constituted viz. Workshop Appraisal Committee and Workshop Tariff Committee.
a. Activities of Workshop Appraisal Committee:
The applications received from various workshops are scrutinised and as per requirement inspections carried out to determine the suitability /technical competency of the shipyard. The tariff rates are asked from the competent workshops as recommended by the above committee.
b. Activities of Tariff Committee:
The competitive rates received from various workshops are analysed and empanelment is done on competitive basis for carrying out repairs on SCI vessels
ii) Rate Contracts: The Technical Services Department also finalises rate contracts for spare parts with OEMs for various machinery such as Spare parts for Daihatsu Engines, Yanmar Engines and Wartsila Sulzer Engines.
iii) Disposal of vessels: The Technical Service department is also entrusted with the task of sale of SCI vessels which are technically and economically unviable for operation. The Technical Services Department in consultation with the operating Division prepares a phasing out plan for SCI vessels so as to maintain a young fleet for the company.
The broad procedure for disposal of vessels is as follows:
1. The vessels, which have completed their economic life or are uneconomical for further operations are processed for disposal. Based on the balance life of the vessel, the vessel is either sold for further trading or for scrapping duly following the procedures mentioned in the “Guidelines for disposal of SCI's vessels”.
2. The advertisement for further trading and for scrapping is simultaneously released in leading Indian/ International news papers indicating the date of inspection and date & time of submission of tender. For giving wider publicity, the said advertisement is also placed on SCI website. The various authorities e.g. INSA, MSTC, shipbrokers associations etc are also duly informed of the above.
3. Normally e-auction is being carried out on the stipulated day as mentioned in the advertisement and the successful bidder is identified based on the offers received.
4. MOA is then signed between the successful bidder and the SCI on receipt of first instalment and the EMD is converted to Security Deposit which is returned to the bidder after delivery of the vessel. The highest bidder is notified to make the balance payment and take physical delivery of the vessel within 4 banking days.
5. After obtaining confirmation regarding receipt of full and final payment, the vessel is physically handed over to the successful bidder.
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