Project Cell

The Project Cell prepares Project Reports, floats tender for acquisition of vessels and carries out evaluation of commercial offers received. The technical details in the tender are being handled by the Shipbuilding & Services Department and the commercial details of the tender are being dealt by the Project Cell.
a) The broad procedure for acquisition of newbuilding vessels by SCI is as follows:
1.The Tender for acquisition of vessels is floated. The tender notice is published in leading Newspapers and on SCI & CPP websites.
2.Offers are invited from reputed shipyards in two stages i.e. Technical Offer and Commercial Offer.
3.The shipyards are shortlisted based on the Technical offer submitted by the shipyard and their financial standing.
4.Technical discussions are held with the shortlisted shipyards to bring them at par with each other and to acceptable levels of SCI.
5 The shortlisted shipyards are then requested to submit their Price offers.
6.The selection of the shipyard is done based on the evaluation of the price offers submitted by the shipyards.
7.Upon selection of the shipyard, final SCI Board approval for acquisition of vessel would be taken and then formal shipbuilding contract is signed between SCI and the shipyard.
b) The broad procedure for acquisition of secondhand vessels by SCI is as follows:
1.Advertisement is published in National and International newspapers and also on SCI & CPP websites.
2.Market scanning: SCI continuously scans the market for acquisition of suitable secondhand vessels.
3.Suitable vessels available for sale are shortlisted by the Ship Acquisition Committee and inspection of class records is carried out. Physical inspection of shortlisted vessels by SCI team.
4.Receipt of Inspection Report.
5.Negotiations with the owner / their authorized brokers.
6.Finalization of the deal with owner of the vessel.
7.Final SCI Board approval for acquisition of vessel.
8.Signing of contract.
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