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Following are the normal practice which SCI follows for selection process of general roster ratings :
A- Requirements of various categories of ratings are determined. Requirements are placed
on our notice board.
B- Normally SCI has ratings selection on every Tuesday and Friday provided these are normal working days.
Requirement of Ratings for our Main Fleet (Foreign Going, Home Trade & Research) Vessels as on 19.10.2018 are as follows:
PROPOSED LNG 4     4              
RESEARCH 3     1     1   1 1  
TOTAL 7     5     1   1 1  
Requirements for ratings for our vessels :-
  • Must be in possession of valid Indian CDC, Passport, & PAN CARD
  • Must be in possession of INDOS No
  • Must have completed GP Rating course (for the new seamen as per DGS rule) with four basic modular courses required for Seamen from DG approved institutes.
    All ratings should be in possession of following four mandatory Certificates: -
    (i) Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting
    (ii) Personal survival Techniques
    (iii) Elementary First Aid
    (iv) Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities.
  • Must have completed Oil Tanker Familiarisation course from DG approved institutes & should be in possession of certificates/DG endorsements as per DG rules.
  • Must have completed specilised vessel familiarisation course from DG approved institutes & should be in possession of certificates/DG endorsements as per DG rules for the vessels type for which vacancies exist.
  • Must have at least six months of on board experience.
  • Must be reported well from his previous vessels/ owners.Must have served on board vessels at least for six months in last three years.
  • Must be medically fit for sea service as per present medical rules.
  • Must have at least six months on board rank experience.
  • Must have at least one year of service balance on the day of selection & must have all documents valid for at least one year from day of selection.
  • Must be in possession of all required valid certificates for the rank.
Requirements for Trainee Cook for our vessels :-
  • Stipend
  • Free Lodging and Boarding during their on board training.
  • Portage & conveyance for their joining/Disembarlation on board after completion for thier training period.
  • Seniority on the basis of Issuance of Indian CDC.
  • Must have Indian CDC, Indian Passport, PAN card, Aadhaar Card, Yellow fever, and Saving Account of his own name.
  • Must have DGS Approved Saloon rating Course and STWC 2010 Basic Courses.
  • Having Cookery Course/ Cookery Certificate
  • Must have Original Certificates/documents in possession and Ready for Verification at the time of Selection.
    • On selection day at given time all applicants for general roster ratings muster/gather in our selection hall (at the basement).
    • Designated officers from crew section of SCI are present in crew selection hall for selecting crew as per requirements.
    • Each category of ratings is selected from the ratings present for selection in the crew selection place/hall.
    • When rank experienced persons are not available then best suitable candidates are selected.
    • Experience of particular vessels are very necessary at times (i.e. AB having experience of only OSV may not be suitable for VLCC or other specialized vessels, where as a DUH having only OSV experience may be selected as DUH on any other vessels provided he has required certificated/ endorsements/ documents)
    • A person who is unemployed for maximum number of period is given first chance of employment in the rank, provided he meets requirement of Minimum requirements for the rank, type of vessels, & other conditions.
    • After selection all documents are verified and if found ok then seaman is sent for medical examination. After medical examination if medically fit ratings are allotted vessels and subsequently posted on vessels subject to completion of formalities (i.e. visa, verification of documents, port formalities etc).
    BEWARE OF TOUTS - Public Notice
    It has come to the notice of SCI that certain persons are fraudulently issuing letters on behalf of the Corporation regarding the selection of cadets/crew to candidates seeking employment in SCI.
    The public is informed that SCI engages cadets/trainees directly through its own schemes and has not authorized any person to engage cadets/trainees on its behalf.

    SCI recruits all crew (deck, engine, saloon and GP rating) on its main fleet / off shore vessels directly and not through any person/agent. No service charge whatsoever is payable for engagement/recruitment in SCI.
    The public is advised not to be misguided by such mails, messages or communication through any means.
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