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ISM Cell

International Safety Management Cell
The SCI has introduced the Safety Management System by setting up a dedicated International Safety Management (ISM) Cell, which has developed, structured and documented procedures in compliance with the International Management Code for Safe Operation of Ships and for Pollution Prevention (ISM Code), in accordance with the resolution A.788(9) of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and SOLAS, Chapter IX.
The SCI has laid the foundation of the Safety Management System (SMS) by recognizing that the cornerstone of good Safety Management is a commitment from the top, coupled with the competence, attitude and motivation of individuals at all levels, that determines the expectations of a good Safety Management System.
The SCI has complied with all the functional requirements of the ISM Code, which includes the Safety, Occupational Health & Environment Protection Policy and Drug & Alcohol Policy.
Implementation of ISM Code for Phase-I and Phase-II Vessels
The SCI has completed the task of compliance through verification, control and certification of the Company & the vessels of Phase-I, well within the deadline of 1st July 1998, as required by the ISM Code.
Similarly, certification of the Company and vessels of Phase-II was completed before the deadline of 1st July 2002.
  • First Document of Compliance (DOC) for Phase-I vessels was obtained on 18th Nov 1997 and is renewed every 5 years with annual verification/renewal for individual ship-types.
  • First Document of Compliance (DOC) for Phase-II vessels was obtained on 16th March 2001 and is renewed every 5 years with annual verification/renewal for individual ship-types.
Presently SCI holds separate Document of Compliance Certificates for individual ship-types as under:
  • Bulk Carriers (Indian Administration)
  • Oil Tankers & Gas Carriers (Indian Administration)
  • Passenger Ships (Indian Administration)
  • Other Cargo Ships (Indian Administration)
  • MODU Vessels (Indian Administration)
  • Gas Carriers (Malta) & Gas Carriers (Singapore)
The last Renewal of DOC of the Company was carried out by the Indian Administration in November, 2017 and DOCs were issued on 03.11.2017. The DOCs for Ship types under Malta were endorsed on 20.07.2017. The DOC for Ship types under Singapore were endorsed on 20.07.2017
The following table indicates the number of ships in the SCI fleet, holding valid Safety Management Certificates (SMCs):
Type of VesselsNumber of Vessels (Owned and Managed)
Passenger Ships27
Genral Cargo Ships1
Container Ships3
Offshore21 (MSV-4, ONGC-7,SCI OSV- 10)
Bulk Carriers16
Oil Tankers34
LNG Carriers4
LPG Carriers3
Research Vessels5
MODU (Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit)2
New acquisitions are brought under the SMS, before delivery, with full compliance of the ISM Code.
Towards addressing all emergency related issues the following 3 dedicated contact numbers remain manned 24 hours in operating divisions:
a) B&T Division) (Bulk Carriers, Tankers, LPG & LNG vessels) – 9819567080
b) Offshore Divsion (OSV’s and MSV’s) – 9920895624
c) L&PS Division (Liner & Passenger vessels) - 9820252867
The achievement of time-bound certifications, was the result of the SCI’s strength of professional experience, planning, training, execution, systematic analysis and quality expertise, which is an asset for any world-class ship operator or owner. The SCI is also in a position to provide such management expertise to other national/international ship operators.
After effectively and dynamically implementing the ISM code within its fleet, the SCI is now looking to benchmark its Safety Management performance with lead players in the International shipping industry.
Contact Details
Capt. N. S. Rege
Deputy General Manager (ISM & ISPS) / DPA / CSO/MR/MA
Office : +91-22-22772850, +91-22-22026908
Mobile : 9820311414  
Fax : +91-22-22026917
Email : ns.rege@sci.co.in  
Capt. M. K. Srivastava
Deputy General Manager (ISM & ISPS) / ADPA / ACSO
Office : +91-22-22772859, +91-22- 22028694
Mobile : 9833872085  
Fax : +91-22-22026917
Email : mk.srivastava@sci.co.in  
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