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Quarterly Results

IndexQ1H1Q3 FY
2017-2018SEBI final Q1 17-18 upload-6c74d8SEBI RESULTS Q2 2017-18-ca653f--
2016-17Final PDF Q1 2016-17-c4f8ecQ2 2016-17-a2335bQ3 Segment wise SEBI-ff38daQ4 Segment wise SEBI-aaf035
2015-16SEBI Q1 2015-16-cf6075Q2 2015-16-2b07f5 (1)-3d4d6eQ3 2015-16-5f6cf1-7e3430StandaloneConsolidated-056960
2014-15Binder FINAL-5156a0Binder1-978dcdBinder1-82279c1415-b27d0e
2013-14Sebi Final-8438a5SEBI FINAL H1-3fd27cSEBI Q3-224209SEBI Q4-3cb176
2012-13Sebi 30062012-2662ffQ2 2012-13-02807bQ3 201213-c5b75d2013March-1b8875
2011-12Q1 2011-12-5667b4Q2 2011-12 -477dbaQ3website-8bc764-93fb16SEBI Website Copy-6e1a44
2010-11Q1 1011-19609aQ2 2010-11 -e0fffdQ3 2010-11-5ddf42Q4 2010-11 -370b80
Q1     Financial Results for the First Quarter Ended 30th June 
H1     Financial Results for the Half Year Ended 30th September
Q3     Financial Results for the Third Quarter Ended 31st December
FY      Audited Financial Results for the Year ended 31st March
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