In pursuit to keep up to the Vision and Mission of the Organization, The Shipping Corporation of India Ltd. is committed to —
► Effectively implement the Quality, Occupational Health, Safety and Environment system across the Fleet and Establishments.
► Drive the business through Excellence in Quality of Service, Environment, Occupational Health & Safety Performance with Professional Integrity, meeting stated and implied needs of its customers and other stake holders in a Safe, Secure and Healthy working environment.
► Complying with all applicable National & International, Flag and Port State, Class, Port Authority, Legal and other requirements to which the Organization subscribes.
► Set Objectives, Targets, Monitor Process Efficiency & Performance and Review of QHSE to pursue excellence through Continual Improvement and Involvement of People.
► Prevention of Incidents, Injury & ill-health, Damages and other Losses.
► Deal proactively with Climate Change issues by efficient use of Natural Resources & Energy, Reducing & Preventing Pollution, Promoting Waste Avoidance and Recycling Measures.
► Enhancing the Competence of Shore-based as well as Shipboard personnel through appropriate selection, identification of training needs, effective training, human resource management & development.
► Communicating QHSE Policy and Performance to its employees, all stake holders and other interested parties.
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