Present Status

Vessel Deliveries (in the last 5 years): • During 2010-11 SCI took delivery of 12 vessels viz. Six (6) LR-I Product Tankers (Swarna Sindu of 42,845 GT and 73,368 DWT on 23rd July, 2010; Swarna Ganga of 42,845 GT and 73,368 on 5th Aug 2010; Swarna Brahmaputra of 42,845 GT and 73,606 DWT on 15th Sept 2010; Swarna Godavari of 42,845 GT and 73,368 DWT on 27th Sept 2010; Swarna Krishna of 42,845 GT and 73,368 DWT on 5th Oct 2010; and Swarna Kaveri of 42,845 GT and 73,368 DWT on 21st Oct 2010); Two (2) LR-II Product Tankers (Swarna Jayanti of 57,702 GT and 1,04,895 DWT on 27th Sept 2010; and Swarna Kamal of 57,702 GT and 104,862 DWT on 10th Nov 2010); and Four (4) Aframax Tankers (Desh Mahima of 64,397 GT and 114,686 DWT on 27th Oct 2010; Desh Garima of 64,397 GT and 114,790 DWT on 20th Jan 2011; Desh Suraksha of 64,397 GT and 114,783 DWT on 10th Feb 2011; and Desh Samman of 64,397 GT and 114,683 DWT on 15th Mar 2011). • During 2011-12 SCI took delivery of 11 vessels viz. Seven (7) Bulk Carriers (Vishva Vijeta of 33,032 GT and 56,638 DWT on 12th July 2011; Vishva Malhar of 33,032 GT and 56,616 DWT on 10th Aug 2011; Vishva Nidhi of 33,170 GT and 57,145 DWT on 9th Sept 2011; Vishva Prerna of 33,185 GT and 57,161 DWT on 1st Nov 2011; Vishva Bandhan of 33,185 GT and 57,196 DWT on 16th Dec 2011; Vishva Ekta of 33,185 GT and 57,090 DWT on 18th Jan 2012; and Vishva Vikas of 33,185 GT and 57,128 DWT on 26th March 2012); Three (3) 80T Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessels (SCI Panna of 2,040 GT and 2,001 DWT on 23rd Aug 2011; SCI Ratna of 2,039 GT and 1,983 DWT on 14th Oct 2011; and SCI Mukta of 2,039 GT and 1,966 DWT on 19th Mar 2012); and one (1) 120T Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessel (SCI Pawan of 2,067 GT and 1,994 DWT on 15th Nov 2011). • During 2012-13 SCI took delivery of 12 Vessels viz. Six (6) Bulk Carriers (Vishva Diksha of 33,185 GT and 57,132 DWT on 2nd May 2012; Vishva Anand of 44,007 GT and 80,204 DWT on 20th July 2012; Vishva Vinay of 44,007 GT and 80,139 DWT on 28th July 2012; Vishva Vijay of 44,007 GT and 80,250 DWT on 25th Oct 2012; Vishva Preeti of 44,010 GT and 80,312 DWT on 30th Oct 2012; and Vishva Jyoti of 44,864 GT and 81,894 DWT on 18th Dec 2012); One (1) Tanker (Desh Shobha of 81,334 GT and 158,034 DWT on 10th Oct 2012); Three (3) 120T Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessels (SCI Kundan of 2,067 GT and 1,994 DWT on 3rd Apr 2012; SCI Ahimsa of 2,067 GT and 2,005 DWT on 7th Aug 2012; and SCI Urja of 2,067 GT and 2,003 DWT on 25th Feb 2013); and Two (2) Platform Support Vessels (SCI Nalanda of 2,633 GT and 3,093 DWT on 14th Aug 2012; and SCI Yamuna of 2,633 GT and 3,095 DWT on 27th November 2012). • During 2013-14 SCI took delivery of Two (2) Bulk Carriers (Vishva Chetna of 44,864 GT and 81,734 DWT on 20th May 2013; and Vishva Uday of 44,861 GT and 81,696 DWT on 27th Nov 2013). • During 2014-15 SCI took delivery of One (1) VLCC (Desh Vibhor of 1,65,319 GT and 3,16,634 DWT on 28th March 2015.
SCI mans / manages a number of vessels on behalf of: India LNG Transport Companies (JVCs), Andaman & Nicobar Administration, Geological Survey of India (Ministry of Mines), Ministry of Earth Sciences (Department of Ocean Development), Directorate of Light House & Light Ships (Ministry of Shipping) and Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (PSU). SCI’s managed fleet includes LNG Tankers, Passenger Vessels, Passenger–cum–Cargo Vessels, Bunker Barge, Research Vessels, Ocean Research Vessel, Fishing & Oceanographic Research Vessel, Offshore Supply Vessels, Seismic Survey Vessel, Well Stimulation Vessel, Diving Support Vessel, Geotechnical Vessel and Multipurpose Support Vessel. Unlike conventional cargo carrying vessels, these managed vessels perform specialized functions and require expert skills for their operations.
Financial • SCI’s authorised capital and paid-up capital have been increased over the years in stages. In November 2008, SCI issued bonus shares, prior to which its paid-up capital was Rs.282.30 Crores. At present, SCI’s authorised capital is Rs.1000 Crores and paid-up capital is Rs.465.8 Crores. • SCI’s shares are listed on the three stock exchanges viz. NSE, BSE, & Kolkata and are traded regularly. The Government of India holds 63.75% shares in SCI’s Equity Capital. • For the financial year 2014-15, SCI recorded a “Total Income” of Rs. 4587.61 Crores and a “Net Profit after Tax” of Rs. 200.93 Crores.
Compliance with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Standards – Quality Management System (QMS)

SCI is now a certified ISO 9001-2008 company (for Quality Standards – Quality Management System) by the Indian Register of Quality Services. SCI first acquired the then prevailing ISO Quality Standard viz. ISO 9001-2000 in May 2007.
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