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Public Information Officers


Public Information Officer

Mr. Dipankar Haldar
Executive Director (Legal Affairs) & Company Secretary
Phone: 22024572
Asstt. Public Information Officer

Mr. Vasant Ugar
General Manager (Employee Relations & Administration)
Phone: 22022829
E-mail: vasant.ugar@sci.co.in
Mrs. Archana Bharati  
VChief Manager (Liner & Passenger Services) 
Phone: 22832471 
E-mail: archana.bharti@sci.co.in 
Mr. Suhas Kajrolkar 
Chief Manager (Bulk Carrier & Tanker Division) 
Phone: 22822882 
E-mail: Suhas.kajrolkar@sci.co.in 
Mr. Sunil Maddila 
Senior Manager(Technical & Offshore Services) 
Mrs. Sumathi Sunderajan 
General Manager (Finance & Accounts) 
Phone: 22833733 
E-mail: sumathi.sunderajan@sci.co.in 
Mr Jothi Krishnan 
Deputy General Manager (Administration MTI) 
Phone: 25701430 
E-mail: j.krishnan@sci.co.in
Mr. M.N. Sidhwani
Chief Manager (Fleet Personnel) 
Phone: 22832671 
E-mail: mn.sidhwani@sci.co.in
Mr. S.N. Pattanaik
Manager (Purchase & Services) 
Phone: 22026666 
E-mail: sn.pattanaik@sci.co.in
Mr. Rajiv Sharma 
Deputy General Manager (Public Relations) 
Phone: 22023792 
E-mail: rajiv.sharma@sci.co.in
Mr. Abhijit Tambe 
Deputy Manager (ISM & ISPS) 
Phone: 22026666 
E-mail: abhijit.tambe@sci.co.in
Mr. P.Y. Ghawade 
Deputy General Manager (IT) 
Phone: 22022953 
E-mail: py.ghawade@sci.co.in
Mr. A.V.Rao
Deputy General Manager (Vigilance)
Phone: 22023847 
E-mail: av.rao@sci.co.in


Mr. Subhashis Naskar
Senior  Manager  
Phone: 033-22487267 
E-mail: rm.sect@sci.co.in


Mr. M.P.Singh
General Manager
044 -2522 0106


Mr. Ashok Kumar 
Senior Manager  
Phone: 23473017 
E-mail: kumar.ashok@sci.co.in
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