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एसटीएस लाइटरेज

To meet the requirements of the Ministry of Petroleum, a dedicated "Lighterage Cell" was set up in the Tanker Division of SCI in 1975, to plan the acquisition of necessary equipment and physically conduct open sea Ship-to-Ship (STS) lighterage operations on the coast of India.
Offshore STS lighterage operations were thus introduced on the Indian coast by SCI in 1975, and developed to maximise utilisation of large tankers which could not enter port at their fully laden draft. The operations soon became the backbone of crude oil transportation and supplies to Indian refineries.
In 2006, SCI commenced STS Transhipper operations off Goa, for ship-to-ship transfer of iron ore, for export to the Far East.
Over the years, SCI has gained vast expertise in offshore STS lighterage operations, which are conducted strictly in accordance with internationally accepted recommendations prescribed in the ICS / OCIMF Ship-to-Ship Transfer Guide (Petroleum). SCI has won international recognition by carrying out intensive operations, with an accident-free track record.
SCI maintains a stock of necessary STS equipment for these operations, viz: floating Yokohama Pneumatic Rubber Fenders (6.5 m. x 3.3 m.), cargo flexible hoses and other accessories. Suitable tugs are inchartered, as necessary.
During the previous year, SCI conducted a total of 419 STS lighterage operations at various locations on the East and West coasts of India, involving the transfer of 15.555 MMT. of cargo (12.198 MMT oil + 3.357 MMT iron ore).