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The function of Chartering Department is of a corporate nature. The Chartering Department is responsible for meeting all the requirements of the SCI related to in/out chartering of all kinds of ships. In/out chartering requirements are communicated to the Chartering Department by the concerned departments. Accordingly, the department enters the requirement in the market through weekly broker meetings or any other day during the week (depending upon urgency), as per the chartering procedures laid down. Negotiating officers then negotiate and finalize the business.
The businesses or vessels are normally fixed through broking channels or sometimes directly with owners or charterers. Once the business or vessel is fully fixed, all the necessary documentation is done as per the chartering procedures laid down. The Charter Party is drawn and passed on to concerned department for necessary action.
Besides the above, the Chartering department is also involved in:
  • Providing market information to the management through daily/monthly reports.
  • Preparing monthly reports on in/out chartering fixtures concluded by the department.
  • Forwarding brokerage commission Debit Notes to concerned commercial department for payment of brokerage commission after C/P is signed.
  • Conducting weekly meeting with empanelled brokers.
  • Reviewing performance of the brokers on a periodic basis.
Clients expect smooth operation and optimum utilization of vessels in accordance with Charter Party provisions. In order to give clients the best services, the concerned operation departments (Technical and Commercial) are in constant contact with the vessels/various agencies/clients so that the operations are executed as per the clients expectations and C/P provisions.
In case of disputes, the endeavor is always to sort them out amicably. However, disputes where an amicable solution is not possible are referred to an Arbitrator, as per the Charter Party provisions regarding arbitration.

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The SCI is inviting applications for Empanelment of Chartering Ship Brokers. The last date for submission of applications with all required documents is 31st January 2017. The applications to be addressed to Sr. VP (Chartering), The Shipping Corporation of India Ltd., Shipping House, 1st Floor, 245, Madame Cama Road, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400 021, India.


1.       Name and Address of company/firm:

(Please attach document proof to substantiate that the premises are owned/leased by your company/firm).


2.       The Articles of Association of the Company/firm seeking empanelment should not prevent it from undertaking activities in the field of chartering, ship broking and other shipping related fields.


3.       Date of Establishment: Applicant company/firm should be in existence for at least 1 year as on 31st January 2017.


4.       Company/firm to provide list of fixtures concluded at least during the last one year. The Applicant company/firm should have concluded minimum 5 fixtures as a ship broker during the last 1 year under current/present ownership.


5.       The Applicant company/firm must have minimum two (2) persons having following qualification / experience:


a)       Graduate with a minimum 2 years experience as a regular employee in ship broking company.

Persons who have passed the examination conducted by Narottam Morarji Institute of Shipping, Mumbai or The Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers, London, then Experience required is 1 year instead of 2 years.



b)       A Master Mariner, who should have minimum six months’ experience as a regular employee in a ship broking company.


6.       All applicant companies/firms have to be equipped with adequate modern telecommunication facilities, infrastructure and qualified supporting staff.


7.       The applicant company/firm should not have depanelled by SCI/Govt of India/India PSU during last two years. Further, If a Company is depanalled due to fraud or similar acts, then, such company/firm is not eligible and need not to apply.


8.       The applicant company/firm to provide minimum 2 References from reputed Charterers / Owners.


9.       Along with the application, the applicant company/firm is required to furnish the following documents / information with documentary proof:


a)       Original copy of the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association which should enable the company/firm to undertake ship broking as one of the activities and should not include owning / operating of the ships.

b)       Brief resume giving the activities of the company/firm.

c)       Particulars of the Proprietor(s) / Partner(s) / Director(s) of the company/firm as on date of the application with name, address and occupation.

d)       Existing company/firm to furnish certified copy of the latest Audited Annual Accounts/Balance Sheets/Income Tax Returns with PAN (Permanent Account Number) allotted by the Income Tax Department.

e)       In addition to fulfilment of all above requirements, Partnership Agreement and Proof of Registration with Registrar of Firms, should be submitted.

f)        Details of Ownership of the company/firm including share holding pattern to be submitted



10.    Applicant to provide documentary proofs along with application. Incomplete applications and applications submitted to SCI after due date shall not be considered.


11.    Applicant Company to submit declaration duly stamped and signed in attached format.


12.        SCI Management reserve right to decide the number of new brokers and SCI Management decision shall be final.



(to be submitted with Application)


It is hereby declared that all information provided along with our application for empanelment as Broker to SCI is true in all respect. In case, at any time/stage it is found that the information provided is not correct, then, SCI reserves the right to de-panel our company/firm from SCI’s list of Empanelled Brokers and take suitable legal action if required.



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