Far East

India/Far East Express Service (INDFEX)
This is a weekly direct service from India's West Coast to Central China, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia, operated with five vessels of 2700-2900 TEUs, on a round voyage schedule of 35 days. 

The four Vessel Operating Partners are the SCI, PIL, K Line & Wan Hai, with one vessel each. The fifth vessel is a shared vessel by all the partners. The vessel deployed by the SCI is of 2700 TEU capacity and the average weekly allocation for the SCI is about 650 TEUs.
Port rotation for this service is:

Shanghai - Ningbo - Hongkong - Singapore - PortKlang - JNPT - Colombo - Singapore - Shanghai

Through the INDFEX service, SCI covers the Chinese market extensively, with direct calls at five mainland Chinese ports and Hong Kong.
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