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Offshore Services Department provides following services to offshore industry:

1)The SCI has diversified into the Indian Offshore marine business and provides vital offshore marine logistics support to the Indian oil industry in its indigenous oil exploration activities.

2)SCI owns 7 Anchor Handling Tug-cum-Supply Vessels (AHTS) and 2 Platform Support Vessels (PSVs), which are on charter to ONGC. Offshore Department also undertakes manning, management, maintenance and operations of various specialized vessels viz. Multi Support Vessels, Well Stimulation Vessel, Seismic Survey Vessel, Geotechnical Vessel, Offshore Supply Vessels, of our client M/s. ONGC.
These vessels offer following services:
•Towing & Anchor handling operations in Offshore.
•Carriage of men and materials (fuel oil, bulk cement and byrite, deck cargo, refer cargo, pot water, drill water etc.) between base and offshore installations as well as between Offshore installations.
•Carry out standby and rescue operations in offshore, if required.
•Carry out routine surveillance in offshore for safety and security reasons.
•Standby at SBM Tankers in Offshore.
•Carry out Fire Fighting duties by FIFI vessels.

2) SCI also offers Operations, manning, maintenance and Management (O&M) services of following vessels owned by Indian E&P Company, Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd. (ONGC):
•Seismic Survey Vessel
•Well Stimulation Vessel
•Multi Support Vessel
•Diving Support Vessel
•Geotechnical Vessel
•Offshore Supply Vessels.

3)SCI has ambitious plan for expansion of offshore fleet with versatile vessels and planning to acquire 2 nos. Platform Supply Vessels and 3 nos. Anchor Handling, Towing & Offshore Supply vessels.
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