The SCI, as agents for Andaman & Nicobar Administration, manage three ships, namely M. V. Nicobar, M. V. Harshavardhana and M. V. Akbar, plying between Kolkata - Port Blair and Vizag - Port Blair Sectors.  Two ships, viz. M. V. Nancowry and M. V. Swaraj Dweep plying in the Chennai - Port Blair sector, are handled by A & N Administration, although the SCI looks after manning/maintenance jobs of these ships.
M. V. Harshavardhana is owned by the SCI and chartered out to A & N Administration and four other vessels are owned by the Administration. The other 15 vessels are inter-ssland vessels. M. V. Ramanujam is also owned by the SCI.
The following are the vessels operated and managed by the SCI on the Andaman & Nicobar sector:
SCI operated and Managed Vessels on Andaman & Nicobar sector
Harshavardhana SentinelChowra
Akbar Nancowry Dering
Nicobar Campbell Bay
Swaraj Dweep Rani Chunga
  • At present, five Passenger vessels are deployed on Kolkata/Vizag/Chennai and Port Blair Sectors.
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