Specialized Vessels

The Specialized Vessels Cell (SVC) is part of the Bulk Carrier & Tanker Division, and deals with the operations and management of two Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Carriers, which are wholly owned by the SCI.
In addition, the SVC also deals with the operation and management of three Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Tankers, which are owned by joint venture companies, in which the SCI has a sizeable share.
The LPG Tankers have a capacity of 17,601 DWT each. The two LNG Tankers S. S. Disha and S. S. Rahi, have a cargo capacity of about 138,000 cubic meters each. whereas the third LNG Tanker, S. S. Aseem has a capacity about 155000 cubic meters.
The LPG carriers in the recent past are chartered with Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.  The LNG Tankers are on long-term time charter to Petronet LNG Ltd.
The SVC looks after the technical and commercial management of the LPG tankers as per the time charter. Technical management activity involves regular planned maintenance of ships in line with international statutory regulations, periodic dry-docking and running repairs of the Tankers.  Commercial activity includes coordination with charterers / agents for smooth transit of ships to various ports of call, cargo operations,  payment of port and other dues, arranging for ships bunker (fuel), timely raising of debit notes and following up with customers for prompt payment.
Clients/users of SVC services expect the SCI to:
  • Fulfill its obligation to lift nominated quantity of LPG/LNG as specified in COA/other agreements and deliver nominated quantities to designated port/s in line with the specified schedule.
  • Deliver cargo of correct specifications as stated in Bills of Lading, without contamination or degradation of cargo.
  • Execute delivery of specified cargoes in the right quantity and quality from and to the designated ports, safely and on time, every time.
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