Shipping is a global industry where numerous documents are used. Documents as such can be broadly categorized into 3 groups viz., Technical, Commercial & Legal.

A statement of the categories of documents that are held by it or under its controlBack

Shipping is a global industry where numerous documents are used.  Documents as such can be broadly categorized into 3 groups viz., Technical, Commercial & Legal. 

L&PS deals with various documents as per Customs & Port Authorities requirements such as IGM, EGM, Shipping Bill, Cargo Invoices, Freight Manifest, Freight Bill, Delivery Order, Bills of Lading etc.

Categories of documents in Bulk carrier &Tanker include Ship Certificates, Charter Party, Contract of Affreighment, Indemnity Forms, Broker Fixture Note, Bill of Lading, Survey Reports, Vetting reports, Statement of Facts (SOF), Statement of Accounts, Ullage Reports, Log Abstracts etc.

The important documents held by the Shipbuilding & Services department of the T&OS Division can be categorized as Technical specifications inclusive of Final Plans & Manuals submitted by the shipyards in response to tenders floated for acquisition of newbuilding vessels, Tender Documents for acquisition of vessels, Contract & Protocol of Delivery documents, Guarantee Claim Settlement. The categories of documents in the  Technical Services (Fleet) Dept. possesses/controls the Forms of particulars of workshops, copies of repair tariffs, Spare parts rate Contract Agreements and price list of spare parts supplier (OEM’s). Documents related to disposal of vessels like Tender documents, Memorandum of Agreement, Instrument of Sale. The categories of documents in the Offshore Service include Contracts signed between SCI & ONGC, Contracts/MOU signed between SCI & its subcontractors, Corporate guarantee submitted to ONGC for O&M of ONGC vessels, Performance bank guarantees submitted to SCI by its subcontractors.

The BD&A Cell holds various categories of documents related to SCI’s JV/strategic alliance like management notes, board notes, minutes of board meetings, Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed with various proposed partners, Shareholders Agreement (SHA).

Categories of documents in Finance & Accounts include PDA,FDA , Bank Account, Master Disbursement Account, Employee Tax records, Salary statements, Documents regarding Gratuity, Provident Fund, Loans, Tax Assessment, Approvals ; Invoices; Delivery Challans, Payment Advices , Loans For Ship document, Performance Budget, Monthly provisional results, annual budgets, copies of payment/credit vouchers, receipts, cashbooks, ledgers, bank statements, journal entries, Profit and Loss Account & Balance Sheet of the company.

P&A deals with various set of documents arising out of Travel, Leave, Interview, Allowances, Reimbursement, Medical & Loan requirements.       

Exit Interview format, Confidential Report (CR) document, Leave travel concession Rules, Sanction letter for Indian/ Foreign tours, Traveling expense bill, Children Education Allowance, Reimbursement of Conveyance, Claim for Medical expenses, Self-leasing system document, Application form for Grant of Loan for purchase of a Motor Car, Application for Grant of Individual Housing Loan, Application for the cash award under the ‘small family norms’ incentives scheme, Conduct, Discipline and Appeal Rules etc.

MTI deals with various set of documents arising out of course booking, Hostel booking, Payment of fees, Honorarium various contracts pertaining to Catering, Gardening, House-keeping and Campus Management etc.

Files pertaining to investigation done by SCI - Vigilance records for issue of Vigilance clearance and information to CVC for issue of vigilance clearance.

Categories of documents in Purchase & Services include Tender Documents, Bank Guarantee and Contract Award Letter, Material Issue & Delivery Note, Purchase Order for Bunkers, Contracts documents, Invoices with BDN’s A/c registers, performance evaluation reports/Empanelment of Bunkers brokers process, Stemming Tabulation for Bunkers and Agency Agreements.

Categories of documents used in the Board Secretariat are Companies Act, SEBI, Listing Agreement, various circulars under these acts, Board and other minutes, various internal codes like Insiders’ Trading, Whistle Blower Policy etc.

As IT Department is a support department to other divisions of SCI, the documents of public interest maintained in the department are only documents relating to procurement of hardware, software and services. These include Tender documents, Vendor Particulars, Purchase Orders, Contracts and Bank Guarantees.

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