Public Relation Public Relations

The mandate of the Pubic Relations Department is to assist the Management provide internal and external communications inputs, and chalk out suitable media plans, befitting the needs and corporate ideology of the SCI.

Activities of department include:

  • Releasing focused corporate/statutory advertisements in the print/electronic media, through a professional PR agency appointed by SCI.
  • Arranging periodic meetings between the CMD/other Directors of SCI and correspondents from the Press; including arranging Press Releases on behalf of the organization.
  • Coordinating and providing protocol services to Parliamentary and other delegations, VIPs, Senior Government officials and corporate guests.
  • Providing and arranging hospitality services to the SCI’s guests and executives.
  • Providing travel solutions to the SCI executives for their official tours within India and abroad.
  • Printing and distributing the SCI calendars/diaries/leaflets/brochures.
  • Communicating with the SCI employees about latest happenings in and around the organization, by publishing a quarterly in-house journal ‘SCI Sandesh’ in Hindi, Marathi and English.
  • Organizing various cultural events, functions seminars, agents meets,exhibitions, press conferences, etc.