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Guidelines for lodging of on-line complaints

* Please follow the guidelines and act strictly according to the procedure

1)The Vigilance Division does not entertain anonymous/pseudonymous complaints. So please give your proper name and address. Name and address of complainant will be kept confidential.

2)Whenever the complainant, for valid reasons, requests that his identity be withheld while processing the complaint, this will be ensured by the CVO. If the complainant wishes to lodge the complaint under "Public Interest Disclosures & Protection of Informers (PIDPI)" i.e., Whistle Blowers’ Resolution 2004, then the complainant may refer/ follow the guidelines as issued by the Government.

3)Only those complaints, having vigilance angle, which are against officials, staff, share holders, vendors, partners in business and stakeholders within the jurisdiction of the CVO of SCI and have allegations of corruption will be investigated by the CVO. Other complaints such as grievances, administrative complaints etc. should not be sent to CVO. If sent, the same will be referred to the concerned divisions/departments for necessary action.

4)The Vigilance Division of SCI has no jurisdiction over private individuals and Governments. Therefore please do not lodge complaints against officials of these organizations to the vigilance division of SCI.

5)Complaints must be brief and contain factual details, verifiable facts and related matters. They should not be vague or contain absurd allegations and sweeping statements.

6)It is not possible to keep complainant updated with the latest status of the case. However no complaints shall remain unattended. The complaint is followed up by the Vigilance Division to its logical conclusion.

7)Documentary evidences relating to the complaint, if any may kindly be sent directly to CVO, SCI in a confidential cover at the address mentioned above.

8)If any further details are required from the complainant to aid the investigation, the Vigilance Division may contact the complainant, for which cooperation from the complainant is requested.