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The Vigilance function within the Shipping Corporation of India is an integral part of the management. The Vigilance Division of SCI is the nodal section for handling all vigilance matters of the SCI.

It believes that with best practices, adequate controls and transparency in place, decisions taken will be professionally, efficiently, effectively and consistently, leading to the corporate excellence.

This Division is headed by Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO), who is assisted by Vigilance Officers experienced in various departments of the SCI. In addition to the Vigilance Division at the SCI Head Office, the Regional Offices at Kolkata and Chennai also have Vigilance officers, who report to the CVO. The Vigilance Division arranges vigilance seminars/training programmes for the benefit of employees working in all divisions of the SCI.

The CVO, on the basis of the investigations carried out, provides advice to the management to bring about qualitative improvement in the functioning of the Company. The CVO acts as a special advisor to the Chief Executive in all matters pertaining to vigilance. The CVO is also a link between the corporation and the agencies like MOSRT&H, PMO, CBI, CVC, etc. on vigilance matters and also for sharing of the systemic improvements suggested and implemented in the Company.

The major work profile of the Division comprises: investigation of complaints received from MOS, CVC, PMO, SCI Management, individuals and other sources; preventive vigilance like surprise inspections, regular surveillance/scrutiny of procurement and contract files and CTE’s intensive examination reports; scrutiny of property returns of employees and coordination with the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC), Chief Technical Examiner (CTE), Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Ministry of Shipping (MOS), etc.